Mobil dialysis Proudly Serves


Mobil Dialysis specializes in providing dialysis services to hospitals, focusing on delivering high-quality care to patients with acute or chronic kidney failure. We bring state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel to support seamless patient treatment within the hospital setting, enhancing the quality of renal care for those in need.

Correctional Facilities

Mobil Dialysis specializes in providing dialysis services to correctional facilities, ensuring incarcerated individuals have access to essential renal care on-site. Our expertise addresses the unique healthcare needs within prison settings, contributing to improved health outcomes for inmates requiring dialysis treatment.

Acute Rehabilitation Centers

Mobil Dialysis offers specialized dialysis services to acute rehabilitation facilities, ensuring patients receive vital renal care during their recovery. Our tailored approach integrates renal treatment seamlessly into rehabilitation, enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life. With on-site solutions and skilled nursing professionals.